Comprehensive Supply Chain

A singular one-stop shop that supplies consumables, specific instruments and reagents, on demand

Best-in class infrastructure

Pan India network with leaders of diagnostic devices, instruments and machines, ensuring the quality of analytical procedures and reporting

Cost-efficient processes, powered by technology

Levarage smart technology solutions like LIMS that control every stage of processing, setting up efficient processes that bring down operational costs and improve productivity

Skilled & Trained Staff, on Demand

A dedicated workforce of qualified lab technicians and phlebotomists, who minimise costly pre-analytical errors

Meet Your Enabler!

The one-stop shop for your every business need

Choose to Be a Futuristic Diagnostic Provider

Most diagnostic providers are plagued by basic logistic issues and poor stock management, that severely impact the quality of diagnostic care and daily operations, increasing operational costs and lowering doctor and patient satisfaction. Choose to remove these unfashionable barriers and replace them with streamlined processes, that build a successful bussiness, which is smart, efficient and scalable. With Truelyser Biosystems, ensure the growth of your business, unhindered by these operational barriers.

Skilled and Trained Personnel

Get qualified lab technicians, on demand, to ensure comprehensive screening for sample quality and eliminate pre-analytical errors

Comprehensive Supply Chain

Regular cycles that replenish stock of laboratory consumables like reagents, controls, vacutainer tubes and needles

Cutting-edge Medical Devices

Access cutting-edge devices from global leaders in diagnostics.

Logistic Support across 17 Cities

Expand your reach and meet all your business needs with our phlebotomists and field executives

Turn-key Projects

Place your customers' experience first and become the health partner of their choice with a transformed physical presence of your diagnostic centre

Establishing a diagnostic provider requires a comprehensive need assessment, structured procurement plan and smart investments.

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Authorised Distributorship of Leading Diagnostic Brands

Truelyser Biosystems is proud to be the authorised pan India distributors for international leaders across the diagnostic landscape. Together, we aim at making quality healthcare solutions and cutting-edge medical devices, accessible and affordable to every healthcare provider.

Become a Provider of Quality Healthcare with Truelyser

Access our exclusive products and tailor-made services at affordable prices. With your singular partner, achieve your company's topline, with streamlined laboratory operations and end-to-end support.​

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Pioneering a New Diagnostic Fabric

Truelyser Biosystems is spearheading a diagnostic revolution to build a healthier India, by connecting every healthcare provider with cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions and services.

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